Thursday, February 26, 2009


We have a big decision to make.

The university says it has divested from BAe Systems and the aerospace arm of General Electric, and has 'asked its external fund managers not to invest in these areas in the future'. This is a massive gain for Cardiff Students Against War, but this only came to us in an email from Louise Casella, the Strategic Development Director, with whom we have been in negotiations. In reality it might mean little unless it is presented to us on university letterheaded paper, signed by someone important. Furthermore there are still many demands left unanswered. Either way, this isn't the end and we are looking to step up our lobbying, petitioning and awareness-raising activities whether or not the occupation continues.

We're having a debate at 1.00 about whether / how to end the occupation on this victory, so we need EVERYONE involved in the campaign to come down and thrash this out.

Large Shandon lecture theatre.
Main Building.

Stay tuned for developments.

CSAW out.


  1. Support from your friends at the University of East London,
    We watch your progress closely.

    Together we can force the morally bankrupt British government to change it's support for the Apartheid Israeli state.

    In solidarity,
    UEL occupiers

  2. Dear Students

    I commend your occupation efforts and urge that you don't give up until more of your demands are met.

    I was deeply shocked, disturbed and upset by the Israeli government's offensive against Gaza. I have a close Palestinian friend who lost one of his cousin's in the last week of the bombings. He was killed while in his penultimate year as a civil engineering student. It seems poignant to be writing to you as students now.

    I particularly urge that you seek to twin with a Palestinian university and seek scholarships for five students. It is great news that the university has agreed not to continue sending arms via BAe Systems and the aerospace arm of General Electric.

    I wish I could offer my support in the way of cooking but am also based in London. I applaud you for your resistance.

    May peace in the Middle East yet prevail.

    Kate, Editor, London.