Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Occupation Day Two

Spirits are high as day two of the occupation begins. Sleep was a little fragmented last night with lights mysteriously turning themselves on. Everyone was well fed and watered though with curry and a particularly beautiful Disarm Cardiff cake.

Today we have a busy line-up of teach-ins with Cardiff Uni lecturers coming along to show solidarity as well as a lot of debating and knowledge sharing amongst each other.

At 2pm we have a live link-up with students from Gaza, everyone’s welcome along so please get yourselves down to the Shandon Lecture Theatre, main building.

Lots of messages of support came in overnight – including from several other student occupations – Sheffield Hallam, St Andrew Sussex and Queen Mary’s. Media coverage has spread as far afield as Russia and Croatia, but the local media has also given us attention with students being interviewed live on local radio last night.

What can you do? If you’re a student at Cardiff Uni please come and join the occupation, the Shandon Lecture theatre is a great place to be right now so it’s definitely worth coming along even if only for a few hours. If you’re not a student pop down to say hello and any food or drink donations would be very welcome.

Email messages of support to and make sure to CC in David Grant, Vice-Chancellor of Cardiff Uni via PA: (please be polite :).

Hope to see lots of you in the Shandon lecture Theatre, Main Building – we’ll be here for a while :-)

Love and rage,

the Cardiff occupiers


  1. Well done everyone involved with the Cardiff Uni action - stay strong for Palestine!

  2. keep it up guys, stay strong and you will win your demands!
    in solidarity from glasgow university
    viva palestina! x